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  • Testimonials

    TT: Can you describe your homestay family in three words or more?
    "friendly person, very clean close, lovely cat, swimming pool, absolutely tasteful food."

    Mr Albert Nielispach (Swiss German)

    'Thank you very much for everything! Especially, I could enjoy 3 days tour very much. I'll never forget you.'

    Kayo (Japan)

    'I really enjoyed studying English in Perth, and have enjoyed studying now. My classes of university have already started. So I have to study not only English but also other subject. Some subject is boring, but English is so interesting. Because you gave me hospitality, I got beautiful memory of Australia. This is motivation for me. Now studying English is so enjoyable. Thank you for everything. Have a good day!'

    Kengo (Japan)

  • Perth Study Tours

    Surfing Man

    Talkabout Tours specialty is Study Tours which can stand alone or be used in conjunction with formal study at a College, University, High School or Primary School. A study tour consists of groups of students, business people or others who wish to combine touring with education. Study tours typically involve an element of formal classroom teaching combined with tours specially tailored to compliment whatever subject is being learnt. While our most common Study Tours are for people who would like to improve their English, we can design a Study Tour for groups wishing to improve their skills in any subject and will organize specialized visits and guest lecturers. Talkabout Tours has offered Study Tours to the medical profession, accountants, journalists and a wide variety of other groups looking for an experience where they can return home with more than just pictures.

    Study Tours start from just $110/Day per person including accommodation, all meals, touring costs and education.


    Why Choose a Study Tour?

    • They are cost effective.
    • Use time to its fullest. Make the most of your time by experiencing the natural wonders and unique culture on offer while at the same time improving your English, Business or other skills.
    • They’re Operated By Experienced Teachers. Our study tours use worksheets and include formal instruction by experienced, caring teachers.
    • Have Fun. Learning isn’t a chore when you’re enjoying yourself.
    • The learning is practical and hands-on, making the lessons much easier to understand and easier to remember. You won’t believe how fast you are able to learn.
    • You don’t need to leave your country to be educated in a classroom; however, by immersing yourself in English in an English speaking country, you’re not learning 24 hours a week, your learning 24 hours a day!
    • See the natural wonders and local features of beautiful Western Australia.
    • Learn more than English. Apart from formal English skills, you will learn practical English. That is, English that will help you in normal day to day activities in an English-speaking country. You will experience another culture and what it means to be Australian.
    • Meet the locals. When you couple a Homestay and Study Tour you will have the opportunity to meet and make life-long friends. Our homestay families welcome the cultural exchange and really look forward to meeting and sharing their life with international guests.

    Cities around the world can be very similar if you don’t have the opportunity to meet locals and see the city and countryside through their eyes. Going overseas to learn becomes a cultural experience rather than just an education.

    Contact us with the dates, desired outcome and number of people for a quote.