This application form has been created for at-risk people who feel they are at a heightened risk of contracting coronavirus by staying at home and for those who are not comfortable with the social isolation of living alone until this unprecedented crisis has passed. This particularly pertains to people over the age of 65 and/or people that have respiratory or immune deficiencies.
If you have at-risk workers in your family, be they in the health profession or in other front-line positions, we have wonderful families willing to share their home and their company. It looks inevitable that we will go into full lock-down which will be particularly difficult for those who are living alone.

We have been placing people in Homestays since 1999 and have a wonderful bank of police-cleared, experienced families who have been interviewed, trained and had their homes inspected by us. They are willing to supply all meals if you wish and welcome the company of at-risk people.
There is an Administration cost of $100 and then $400 per week to be paid to the Hosts. This includes all meals, utilities and amenities.

After filling in the application form, we would like to speak with you to get a feel for what your ideal situation would be. We have a long track record of matching guests to hosts and will place you in the available area of your choosing.
This service is unfortunately unavailable to guests who need a high level of care. Guests must be mobile and independent. We will also require 2 references and/or a valid police clearance.

For their own safety, and that of their guests, all our homestay host families agree to comply with all laws and government guidelines and directions (as set out on the websites of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Department of Health (Cth) and WA Department of Health) directed at minimising the risk of spread of the virus. The same will be expected of guests.  Even so, is not possible to eliminate all risk and Talkabouttours will not be held liable in the event that any illness is contracted.