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Please provide us with as much information about yourself, and your family preferences, as possible, so that we can match you to your ideal Homestay family.

All our homes have been visited and given the tick of approval by Talkabout Tours and your Hosts are keen to welcome you into their family.

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What is homestay? Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Homestay accommodation allows you to live with a local family and experience local culture. You will become a part of the family and learn how they live.

In a traditional Homestay most meals are provided and you have a fully furnished private room in a nice, safe home. Your linen and bedding are provided you and your electricity and gas bills are included.

Importantly, you do not need to provide a bond.

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Application procedure

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    Apply online

    Complete the online application. After a successful application you will receive your welcome letter and invoice. The invoice will normally be for 4 weeks of Homestay, a one-off placement fee and for an airport transfer if requested.
  • 2

    Pay the fees

    Student to pay invoice by direct deposit or credit card and send a copy of the receipt to Talkabout Tours.
  • 3

    Match with a homestay

    Talkabout Tours will match you to the closest available Homestay to your school that meets your requirements. After a successful match you will receive the homestay details.
  • 4

    Start your journey!

    A driver will meet you at the airport (if requested). Your Aussie family will welcome you to their home.

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Homestay Evaluation

Please tell us about your Homestay experience

Homestay Evaluation form

Welcome to homestay

When you live with a local homestay family, you’ll excel at learning Australian culture and our language. You’ll have the chance to hear new expressions, try your latest new vocabulary and best of all, learn to laugh at jokes.

You’ll share a nice home with a welcoming Australian family. Try and participate in their everyday activities and have fun while learning. Your attitude and friendliness will help you get the most out of your homestay visit in Australia. So, come with an open mind. Come prepared to participate in family life. Don’t be afraid to try new foods and offer to share light chores and responsibilities just like a family member.

Your first few weeks in an unfamiliar country with a new family might be difficult. It’s natural to feel homesick or frustrated with a new environment and language. Be patient. Give yourself time to adjust to your new surroundings. Many students are amazed at how quickly their attitude can change for the better.

Commuting is common!

Most people live in suburban neighbourhoods and commute to school and work – 45 minutes can be a common bus commuting time. Our bus system is very safe and clean and Australian students are used to taking the bus to school, home and shopping. Homestay families are not required to drive their students to and from school.

We Love Pets!

Many families love pets. They have dogs and cats and treat them like a member of the family, which means most will live inside the house. Please let us know on your application if you do not want pets because of allergies or other reasons.

Australians are from everywhere!

As a multicultural society, we have people with backgrounds from all over the world. We are happy to accept other people and their unique take on Australian culture. We communicate in English and get along very well together.

Families come in different shapes and sizes!

Our host families may be traditional or non-traditional, with one or two parents, many or no children. Families do not make a profit hosting students! Money received is only there to cover expenses. Homestay families host for the company and cultural exchange.

Thank-you to Samantha for making this video about her recent Homestay experience

See what others have said


‘I really enjoyed studying English in Perth, and have enjoyed studying now. My classes of university have already started. So I have to study not only English but also other subject. English is so interesting. Because you gave me hospitality, I got beautiful memory of Australia. This is motivation for me. Now studying English is so enjoyable. Thank you for everything. Have a good day!’



I think they are the best host family ever. They were very kind for me, for example, Sheila took me to the nearest station every weekend. They gladly accepted my all requests. Thanks to my host family, I really enjoyed the Australian life, so I appreciate them. Not only I learned English,but also got communication with them,and knew the culture.



Kind, lovely and warm. I learned a lot not only about English but also about other things like science, animals and many things




I love my Homestay Family and experiencing the real Australian kind of life with children of my age



I was shocked when hearing that Mr. Dall swims every morning in the sea during the winter. Besides, I think Mrs.Dall is very kind to work as a volunteer after retirement. They are both energetic and optimistic, which I did not expect. I really thank them for the meals, the laundry and other services. I am very grateful for being treated like a family member.