2023 Homestay Fees:  18 – 28 yrs

(Effective July 1 2023 – Dec 31 2023)


Placement Fee $290.00 Airport Transfer $135.00


Private Room Shared Room
Traditional Homestay (per week) $300.00 Traditional Homestay (per week) $260.00
2 meals Monday-Friday, 3 meals on weekends 2 meals Monday-Friday, 3 meals on weekends
Homestay without meals (per week) $220.00 Homestay without meals (per week) $160.00
No meals included No meals included


Weekday Lunches Add $40.00/week


Executive Add $40.00/week
(Own bathroom)


Late Placement                    Add $40.00 to Placement Fee
(Under 2wks Notice) (Subject to availability)

Return transfer back to airport


Add $95.00
Over 28 yrs old or 16-17 yrs old Add $50/week

See what others have said


‘I really enjoyed studying English in Perth, and have enjoyed studying now. My classes of university have already started. So I have to study not only English but also other subject. English is so interesting. Because you gave me hospitality, I got beautiful memory of Australia. This is motivation for me. Now studying English is so enjoyable. Thank you for everything. Have a good day!’



I think they are the best host family ever. They were very kind for me, for example, Sheila took me to the nearest station every weekend. They gladly accepted my all requests. Thanks to my host family, I really enjoyed the Australian life, so I appreciate them. Not only I learned English,but also got communication with them,and knew the culture.



Kind, lovely and warm. I learned a lot not only about English but also about other things like science, animals and many things




I love my Homestay Family and experiencing the real Australian kind of life with children of my age



I was shocked when hearing that Mr. Dall swims every morning in the sea during the winter. Besides, I think Mrs.Dall is very kind to work as a volunteer after retirement. They are both energetic and optimistic, which I did not expect. I really thank them for the meals, the laundry and other services. I am very grateful for being treated like a family member.